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Tasteless Titanic Week '11: Iceberg Dead Ahead in Isle 3!

8/9/11: Hey, uh. Sorry about the wait. And the whole not-updating-in-a-year thing.

8/1/10: This day marks the start of Tasteless Titanic Week! Expect the site to be updated *everyday* this week with new comics, all of them related to the Titanic disaster in a tasteless way--because tragedy has never been so funny.

3/21/10: Long time, no update. Peeping Tom is being properly rebooted starting tomorrow.

7/16/08: It would appear I'm starting to get the hang of this. Now the current schedule is updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I now have an RSS feed, located at the bottom of every page. I hope you continue to enjoy my comics. Let me know what you think of them at my e-mail below, and tell your friends!

6/27/08: Welcome to Peeping Tom Comics! I've just started this website today. To all reading my comics, I hope you enjoy for many years to come! The current schedule is to get at least one comic up a week. In the meantime, I'll try to get already-done comics up. Check them out, as well as my flash movies! If you want to check out more of my work, look at www.aaron123.deviantart.com , or for my music, www.myspace.com/joefman . Any questions or comments?: E-mail me at aaronb1232@hotmail.com . Enjoy!

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