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About Peeping Tom:

Peeping Tom is a superhero with the ability to see through glass, air, water, and some species of birds. He's also a bird-watcher. With his sidekick, I C Things, who does most of the heavy lifting, they embark on many misadventures in the Middle of Nowhere, USA. They have many "friends," including Carnivorous Bob, the wily blue-skinned shopkeeper who lost his jaw in 'Nam; G.I. 'Fro, a crazed gun-maniac with a dangerous amount of funk, and Boxman, the layabout always with his hand in a bag of what appears to be Fritos. The duo's nemesis is the nefarious Professor Evilcheese, a wedge of Swiss that's expired long, long ago.

Peeping Tom is the collaborative brainchild of Aaron "Joef" Bley, Kenji Jones, and Beaux Hatfield. When they were in engineering class, Joef was mindlessly drawing a superhero with goggles with the ability to see through glass, air, and water. Beaux saw this and commented on it, saying it should be called "Peeping Tom," and a new hero was born. Currently, Joef devises, draws, and composes most Peeping Tom material, while Kenji Jones contributes his own miscellaneous content to comics and movies.

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